UD Counter with background icon

Hello All,
I have installed UD Community version 2.8.1 and trying to follow the sample code provided in the UD Documentation at https://docs.universaldashboard.io/components/counter

From the help document I copied the code and adapted in my template as below,
New-UDColumn -Size 2 -Content{
New-UDCounter -Title “KPI 2” -Format ‘$0,0.00’ -Endpoint {
} -Icon dollar


Question: Why is the dollar sign now shown as appears in example (left image) which mine appears to prefix to the dollar amount.

Objective: To build KPI boxes with some background icons as appears in the example text.

Thanks for looking into my query.


This is CSS related…there is a post by @AlonGvili which explains how to do the CSS to get it to look like how it used to. You will have to search the forum to find the link :smile:

ok got it for future observers of the tread the url is New-UDCounter -Icon as a watermark

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