Counters / Cards with watermarks in UD v3

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.4.1
UD Version: 3.7.1

My progress with the V3 version of UD and universal has been good so far, and documentation is also pretty on point. Some of the improvements to the way tables handle data are great.

I do miss ud counters, or cards with watermarks, as described in this post:

I used these quite alot, and thought it was an easy way to give that extra bit of appeal to how it looks.
Struggling to work out how I can achieve this in UD v3 with the card component, I’ve found the image param but can only see that other content falls around this rather than over it.

Anyone have any ideas how to acheive a watermark logo on ud cards in v3?

I suppose I’m trying to do this without having to use udstyle but not sure if thats possible. I’ll have a play around with style now and see if I can work this out in the meantime.

Also while i’m at it I’ve noticed -TitleAlignment doesnt seem to be working on New-UDCard,
e.g on a blank page:

New-UDCard -title "Total" -Content {
    New-UDTypography -text "Test 1234" -Align right
} -TitleAlignment right

The title is being drawn on the left still:


As is the text which is also using typography and aligned right - but not sure if this is intended or not?

The title alignment on the card is a bug.

As for the counter component itself, I’m not sure you’ll be able to implement it without something like UDStyle. Feel free to open a feature request if you want to see this in a future version.

If I get a few minutes later today I can try to throw together a counter control based on the current components.

No prob, that would be good, but also dont worry about demoing anything today if you’re busy there’s no rush. I’m just using cards with typography for now which does the job. I’ll play around with style and see if I can workout how to get these watermarks going again.

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