Icon Solid version

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4

I am wanting to get the solid version of CheckSquare. By default, I get the outlined version. Is there a way to get the solid version?

I’m interested in this one as well, @adam :innocent:

oooooo -solid would be epic

I’ll note that I have run across this as I am moving a dashboard from Universal Dashboard 2.9 over to the new PowerShell Universal. In UD, the icons were solid by default and I see the solid icons available on fontawesome. The outlined versions don’t look as good across light/dark themes.

Funny. This looks like a bug that has been in there since the very beginning of PSU. The New-UDIcon cmdlet has a -Regular switch so it seems like the default should have been solid anyways.

Really easy fix in the JS for this component.

    New-UDIcon -Icon 'User' -Size 8x
    New-UDIcon -Icon 'User' -Size 8x -Regular


I wonder if changing it at this point would cause a lot of people to complain because they wanted the regular icons by default. :thinking:

I don’t think anyone is using -Regular, i think if we remove -Regular and then add -Solid, we would be backwards compatible.

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I’ve found I mostly like the open icons, but they don’t always show up as well in my dark mode theme, so want the ability for certain icons to be the filled in icons. I’m fine with either a new switch of “-Solid” or something like that so it doesn’t break the look for others.

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when that happens i change the theme color to something like “info.light”