Equivalent of -scripts parameter in universal?

I’m finally starting to work on converting my huge dashboard project into Universal 1.3.

Previously I could pass in some JavaScript files to New-UDDashboard with the -scripts parameter.

Do we have a way of doing the same in Universal now?

Also, how do I enabled auto reload, not seeing it in my settings.ps1 file.


I tried to add the scripts to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal\UniversalDashboard\Frameworks\v3\index.html

but they don’t seem to load.

Any other ideas?

The scripts parameter has now been added and will now be available in tonight’s nightly build.


Downloaded the latest nightly zip a few moments ago, stopped the universal service, extracted zip into universal directory overwriting everything that was there. Started universal service again but my dashboard is complaining:

[07-23-20 10:23:51 AM] Startup: A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Scripts'.

If I import the module psm at the top of my script, it does load without error but my scripts aren’t accessible at /dashboardname/script.js

Do I need to do a published folder?

It’s probably because the nightly build doesn’t upgrade the UD Framework version. We only change that on release. You should stop PSU, delete the new framework in %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal and then start up PSU. It will redeploy the updated framework when it starts up since it isn’t there already.

You will need a published folder to host your script. It won’t discover the script.js automatically but if you put it in a published folder and then just include the relative path to the script in your -Scripts it will load it.

For example:

Published Folder

  • Path: C:\scripts
  • RequestPath: /scripts

-Scripts @(’/scripts/script.js’)

I’ve updated the docs to include some of this upgrade information.

Ok thanks for the info.

Before I was just putting my scripts in the client folder so published folder wasn’t necessary.

Will give it a try.

edit: yeah it is working - thanks

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Not sure the preferred way to report this but on the latest nightly sync-udelement seems to be broken.

You can open issues here: https://github.com/ironmansoftware/powershell-universal/issues