Suggestion: help text for Scripts

This is a suggestion concerning Scripts in PSUniversal. I would like to use this interface mainly for our Admins, but possibly others, to run scripts to make changes. Most of the time, this will involve entering parameter input. But when you run a script, you are shown a modal with the name of the script and bare parameter names, with no other information. It would be very helpful to be able to display some sort of general explanation of the script, along with explanations of certain parameters.

It seems to me that you could use the standard PowerShell help paradigm for this purpose. If there were a Synopsis and/or Description, you could display those at the top of the modal box. Help comments above parameters could be shown next to each parameter input. This approach would really fit with the theme you have going of ‘copy your script with its params in here and everything will just work.’

Alternately, you could have a property of the Script in addition to the Description. Maybe ‘Instructions’, which would display at the top of the modal when getting script input.


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.18

Cool. I like this idea. I’ve opened a feature request for it.