Customise Session Timeout Modal

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.16

@adam is there a way to customise the ‘Your session has timed out’ modal? Would be nice to add some New-UdHtml actions to it…



Not at the moment. I opened an issue for this. Customize session timed out modal · Issue #192 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

Hi @adam

Is there any update on this request? I notice on v3.0.0-beta7 the timeout holds the component error, ideally we would have this so it doesnt show to the user but dumps the issue in Application Insights. If we can customise the modal, this is very possible and powerful!



This hasn’t been implemented yet but I’ll get it into 3. The error you’re seeing is a bug that we need to fix.

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Hi @adam, i am on 3.0.1 and i am still seing this error in the timeout modal, did you get a chance to look into this?

A while ago, i also asked if it was possible to change the timeout modal, i have just seen this with Ryanair of all people, it would be good to get something popup, or even an action performed when a timeout happens…

This hasn’t been resolved. I’ve bumped up the priority on the issues in the tracker.

EDIT: This issue will be resolved in 3.0.2. The session timeout customization isn’t implemented yet.

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Hey Adam, I notice you added the session timeout customisation, but do you have a guide how to customise it?


This can be customized using the -SessionTimeoutModal parameter of New-UDDashboard.

New-UDDashboard -Content {

} -SessionTimeoutModal {
    New-UDTypography "Timed out!"