Timeout - then buttons don't work?


I have a dashboard which starts and runs fine, until a timeout period. The page is still displayed fine but none of the buttons function, they animate onclick but don’t perform the action. If I refresh the page then everything works again.

Is there meant to be a “Refresh page” modal that is displayed once a certain timeout is reached?

(running PowerShell Universal 1.3)


In 2.x versions there is no automatic timeout and once a websocket is broken or timed out you get the errors as you mention above (which you can see form the dev tools by pressing F12). You do have options however ranging from if you are running in IIS then changing the timeout of the app pool, but the best i have seen is to use @psDevUK UdTimeout feature which really does work for a generally timeout of the user session. This does not work if the legs are pulled from under the dashboard, i.e a service restart or iisreset.

There is also an enhancement raised for the same timeout functionality on UDv3 to be added to UDv2: Session Timeout Hook · Issue #57 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub


Cheers @neo - I’m experiencing this with v3.0.0 :frowning: (running in IIS). I may have to try out UDTimeout

Hey @pharnos I tested and built this component using version 2.8.1 just to throw that out there as I know the software has evolved a lot. There is instructions so please read them. Thank you.

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Definitely. Cheers @psDevUK - love your work, great website. Yeah it’s a bit tough beginning to develop in v3 and trying to learn from other posts that are largely from v2.x