Session Timeout Issue?

A user reported a new issue in a dashboard recently that seems possibly related to session timeout issues? This dashboard has multiple pages, and each page is sourced from its own PS1 file.

The page in question has a function in it that pops up a modal to perform an action based on the parameters provided to the function. A user had the page open, went to a meeting, came back, pressed the button in the page that calls the function, and received an error that the function couldn’t be found. A CTRL+F5 to bypass cache and reload the page appears to have resolved the issue.

All my timeouts are the defaults - I’m using the built-in Kestrel web server with the default session timeout of 25min, and the dashboard is defined in dashboards.ps1 using default -SessionTimeout 0 value. Is this a bug? Is the thread that runs the dashboard/page timing out and it loses that function? Should I scope that function at the dashboard level instead of the page level? Advice appreciated, thanks!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version 2.11.1

I’m not quite sure. Do you know how long they left it idle? I would have expected them to see the session timeout dialog if their session actually timed out. And when they saw the error about the function, was it show in the red toast in the bottom right corner?

I would’ve expected the session timeout dialog as well. I’ll follow up with the user and see if she can give me a guess as to how long she was away. While I was looking into the issue I had the same thing happen myself and I’d guess it was after 10 minutes or so of idleness.

Also yes, it was one of the red toasts. She screenshotted precisely what it was: