Changing Endpoint to Dynamic

I have a proposal for UD that I wonder what people will think of.

The Endpoint lingo was never great and then it just snowballed and is on every component now. It’s pretty confusing for every new users and probably existing users.

Check out the issue here:

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I think the non-breaking change makes sense

New-UDCard -DynamicContent {
    "Some stuff"

I personally like this one more

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A non breaking change as it is just an parameter alias for the existing endpoint parameter name?

Update: should have read the GitHub issue first :wink:

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As it is a huge breaking change I would see the second option very critical … especially for the current status this project is already in use out there

Maybe do not see the obvious but what is the reason that not any component is dynamic but is only updated if the project (code) request it? And gets updated by -AutoRefresh or UDElement …

Ok. After thinking about this more, I’m liking the non-breaking change as well. I think just making it easier for people to understand code just by reading it is important. Hence, the proposal for the alias.

@augustin.ziegler - The reason for it not being automatic is one of intent and performance. It would be pretty difficult to assume whether or not someone intended to use a dynamic component or not. And we can’t just make everything use endpoint all the time because of performance.

That said, your question made me have a bit of revelation about something we could do that would make things both easier for users and faster for dashboard loading. It involves improving how endpoints are generated and executed when they are nested. I’ll futz with a prototype and see if I can get it working.

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Thanks for this explanation (thought so but wasnt sure) … Hope you will keep us up to date about your prototype … I am very interested in this topic and hopefully give some relevant feedback …