What components support Sync-UDElement?

I was under the empression that any component that had an Endpoint could have Sync-UDelement thrown at them - is that not the case?

Im trying to update a lot of components as once, and was hoping that having the components inside New-UDRow -Id 'UserInfoResultRow' -Endpoint {} and throwing Sync-UDElement -Id 'UserInfoResultRow' at it would do the job.


Hi @PorreKaj,

The New-UDRow’s endpoint should fully support sync-udelement, as it uses the “New-UDElement” behind the curtains.
I can give this a go if you’re having issues?

As for the remainder of endpoints who doesn’t support it: it’s coming in 3.0.
Any particular you’re missing?

No, in this case just the udrow.

Is it something like adding something to the ID, like you have to/had to with the table?

Hi @PorreKaj,
I just noticed the bug in the New-UDRow function,

The -id param is never referenced, as in: it does nothing.
In order to archieve this functionality you’d need to pass

New-UDRow -endpoint (New-UDEndpoint -id "someid" -endpoint { get-random})

The ID specified to the Row is never forwarded to the endpoint.

Could you add this as a bug on github with reference to this forum post?

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yuck :smiley: done
Any reason for the UDrow to use -endpoint since im using new-udenpoint inside it anyway?

Hi @PorreKaj,


Honestly, i have no idea.
The implementation seems dated, as this was added to allow you do have dynamic or static rows.
If you’re using child-endpoints, i’d recommend going with -columns (which infact is purely a renamed -content param) and let the child handle the syncness.

Copy pasted your sample and got:

changine the () to {} gives me some of the page but still:

No combination I can think off, of () {} -content or -endpoints works for me

Hi again @PorreKaj,

Thats weird :-/

New-UDElement -Tag 'div' -Attributes @{
      className = 'row'
} -Endpoint $Endpoint -AutoRefresh:$AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval $RefreshInterval  -id $Id  

Use the code above to generate your rows with endpoints until i get it sorted in a PR :slight_smile:

Sorry to piggy back on this, but I seem to be having a similar issue with New-UDCard.

Sync-UDElement -Id ‘cardsync’
New-UDLayout -Columns 6 {

    New-UDCard -Id 'cardsync' -Title "Place Holder 1" -Endpoint {

        New-UDHeading -Text "$($Session:exoOrgConfig.OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled)" -Size 3 -Color 'white'


    New-UDCard -Title "Place Holder 2"

    New-UDCard -Title "Place Holder 3"

    New-UDCard -Title "Place Holder 4"

    New-UDCard -Title "Place Holder 5"

    New-UDCard -Title "Place Holder 6"


the sync command is inside of a -OnClick event.
This is in the logs

10:04:34 [Info] Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Internal.ControllerActionInvoker Executing action method UniversalDashboard.Controllers.ComponentController.Element (UniversalDashboard) with arguments (cardsync) - Validation state: Valid
10:04:34 [Warn] ComponentController Endpoint cardsync not found.

Is this a similar issue to New-UDRow or another issue?