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Is it possible to create dynamic components with UD? For example, if I enter 4 server names in textbox then it should create 4 tables or 4 Grids? I have applied the logic but its page loops forever.

Hi @chiragce17 and welcome to the UD forums. So I am going to literally copy and paste what the creator posted 6 days ago:-

Is this enough info to get you started? I have done things like select a server from a list, then all the information for that particular server is brought back, or loading dynamic charts for the selection made. Also using IDs in your parameter set you can sync that component…If you need more info just update this thread. Thanks

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@psDevUK do u think you can build this for UD?

Hey @wsl2001 I thought material ui was @AlonGvili baby…I don’t want to trend on any toes if you get me

Nothing like this was build for material ui so creating a component is not changing what is in there

Ok well I mean I can put it on my list of things to look at, I got 4 young daughters and xmas is around the corner so will have a look but cannot promise anything as my skills on binding the control to the dashboard are not amazing, but see what I can do man. As at work all over the xmas period too no time off for this busy elf

do you have an issue adding a component to UD or building the module as you were doing for the other stuff you have build before?

No the binding bit so get-udelement works on the component like for the date picker I did. Might not need it but working on
right now…I can see the values and the attributes…but unless I bind this to UD I cannot read these values…if you get me?

oh i see it might have something to do with on event change

I can see the value in the browser correctly, like pressing F12 then going to the REACT tab and looking at the component…and can see the value I am typing in is being set in the state…but unless you do this complicated binding stuff that I am not that great at, you cannot read the attributes of the text you typed using get-udelement if you catch my drift…just shouted to @BoSen29 on twitter see if he can advise…but looking to finish this off, and make a moving image display for my sales team, modify my complaints DB then make some modification to the input, then will have some time to look into your button request :smile:

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No rush man i just thought its a good idea to build a multi action button since someone on the forum already looking for such a function to do in UD.

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Here is a working example that just takes one input https://github.com/psDevUK/psUniversalDashboard/blob/master/PagesGitHub/StatisticsPage.ps1

i do have something similar and it works in my end its a little bit different though but i use it to restore dbs i do use multiple inputs and i can read all values my users entered.

do share your code bro help the community :smile:

I will i just have to cleanup some data from the code and post it. Also we should post an article about how to create your own custom dashboard with all the modules you need without the need of waiting for releases to come out or keep importing these component modules.

At lease thats what am doing so am always up to date with latest react pkgs and other stuff.

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Yeah sadly I don’t go that far, as I am restricted to using IE at work, so some things do not work…although I did fix the grid export button to work in IE but dont think the pull request got commited? As I still have to rely on that old version I built so people at work can download the grids. Always busy and use my own personal laptop for all the building as work pc not configured with all the bits and bobs…need to make some more hours in the day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well i use my own build cause i like to keep my .ps1 as clean as possible also there is a lot of react modules in the project you need to update as security issues there is always a new version of some of these modules that i keep updating almost daily also this practice saved me from waiting for nightly build and new release since i can apply the fix right away in my custom project and create a new release and test it so if there is an issue i can report it to adam right away for further check.

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I think this would make a great blog article here:-

Just message me the steps and process you apply, and will write it up in markdown and publish under a guest blog…? Looking for content to put here, all credit to you on the blog I won’t steal the limelight…always looking for contributions as I am running out of blogging ideas

sure man i will do that no worry’s about the credits i like to help and spread the knowledge :slight_smile:

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