Dynamic Card Creation -- With User Input Data

Is it possible to dynamically create cards from user input? For example… user inputs validation (from endpoints) creates a card with the user inputs field data. Ultimately looking to create multiple cards on a page containing user input data.

I am currently able to statically create cards and fill with user input data (modal with input fields), however, I am looking to have my users create their own cards filled with their input data.


Hi @dptkelly! Welcome to the forums!

You can use a UDInput to accept some input and then create some cards based on that input: https://docs.universaldashboard.io/components/inputs#replacing-the-contents-of-the-input-card

Thank you for the warm welcome, Adam.

I managed to accomplish dynamic creation of cards by coming up with the following:

[System.Collections.ArrayList] $blankArray = @()
[System.Collections.ArrayList] $MediaSelecion = @()

New-UDParagraph -Text "Please Select a Media Option" -Color gray

New-UDInput -Content{

    New-UDInputField -Name 'Selection' -Placeholder 'Select Media Option' -Type select -Values @("  ", "Value 1", "Value 2", "Value 3") -DefaultValue "Value 1"
    New-UDInputField -Name 'Action' -Placeholder 'Create Media Card' -Type textbox

    param($Selection, $Action)

    $Cache:Add = [PSCustomObject] @{

        Selection = $Selection
        Action = $Action   

New-UDButton "Button" -Text "Load Options" -BackgroundColor gray -OnClick{

    $Session:Clicked = $true



    Sync-UDElement -ID 'Value 1'

New-UDCard -Title "Support Disc Media Display" -Id 'Value 1' -Endpoint{

	if($Session:Clicked -and  $Cache:Add.Selection -eq "Value 1")
		Foreach($nums in $blankArray)
			Sync-UDElement -ID $($nums)
			#$pulldata =  $QueryFunction | Where-Object{$_.name -match "$($nums)" -and $.First -match "Another"}
		    New-UDCard -Id $($nums) -Title $($nums) -Watermark address_book_o -Content{
			    New-UDTable -Headers @("First", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy") -Endpoint{
                     $pulldata | Out-UDTableData -Property @("First", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy", "Dummy")
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