AppPool Refresh Stops Updating Page

I’ve noticed that my dashboard will stop refreshing at random times. I think I have determined it is related to when the app-pool is refreshed on the IIS. Is there a way to prevent this from happening or if this can be fixed?

Hi @ncstalli not seen this behaviour myself, I host all my dashboards on IIS running on my windows 10 PC at work. To prove your theory have you setup a separate app-pool for a particular dashboard that has refreshing issues. Then if you in control of the IIS just don’t refresh the separate dashboard app-pool if that makes sense? Then monitor that dashboard with the separate app pool to see if the refresh thing is ok. If so link your dashboards to the non-refresh app pool your created to just host powershell dashboards.

Actually I have a permanent reload on my main development dashboard setup that either update the dashboard or restart the app pool live as I make change.

As soon as the app pool restart, the connection with the SignalR hub is lost for the opened pages (or at least, that’s my assumption of what is happening).

This can be tested very easily by :

  1. Opening two tabs of your dashboard.
  2. Through task manager, kill the w3wp.exe process (or recycle it though IIS)
  3. On the second tab, press F5 to reload the dashboard.

Once the second tab load again, you’ll have :

  1. The first tab, which is disconnected from the hub and is not subscribed to the update dashboard messages anymore.
  2. The second tab, which you just refreshed, which will update properly.

If you trigger an update dashboard, only the second tab will refresh.
To have the first tab start refreshing again, you have to refresh that tab, then it will work properly again until next recycle.