Dashboard not refreshing after moving to IIS

I have my dashboard loading now in IIS over HTTPS, but it isn’t loading any of the chart info or auto reloading. This works fine when running from PowerShell.

Had to add “wait” when moving to IIS. Am I doing this wrong?
$DashboardServer = Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $dashboard -Certificate $cert -AutoReload -Wait

you cannot use AutoReload with IIS,only -Wait
-AutoReload only used when running UD locally (NO IIS)
-Wait is only used when run in IIS (NOT Needed when run locally)

I added “AutoReload” when troubleshooting. It doesn’t work without “AutoReload” either. I didn’t even have “AutoReload” when I would run it locally. Any suggestions?

It looks like switching the app pool identity to local system resolved the issue.

Make sure not to use the default identity and whatever apppool identity you use requires both access to the module directory as well as iis site root.

Back to this not working. I need to update the identity so that it uses an account that has access to other servers. Everything works except for “get-counter.” For an AD-related dashboard, is it normal to use a domain admin account as the identity of the app pool or is that not good for security? Not sure how else you can have an AD dashboard without using a domain admin account.

Personally, I’d say using domain admin for anything unless absolutely necessary is considered bad practice security wise.
You mentioned counters and AD-related info, what exactly is it that you’d need domain admin for?
For me, I pull AD information using a standard account and the usual get-aduser or get-adcomputer cmdlets as most of the information i need to get at is read only anyway, i’m not manipulating anything with my dashboard in AD, if I was, I’d just give it the granular permissions it needs.
I’ve got other scripts outside of my dashboard (in teamcity) that do more, for example, I have a server uptime dashboard, I use my teamcity job, with privileged account (has logon as a batch job rights) to remote connect to a list of servers and pull info from them including if a reboot is required for updates, which then gets pushed back to an sql table and I then use a standard account in UD to pull and display that on one of my pages.
Do you have any specific examples of what you’re trying to acheive?