Modifying Dashboard Reloads All Dashboards

Just wanted to check to see if there is any way around the behavior I’m seeing or if it’s just how dashboards work. When I modify the code for a dashboard through the web UI and click Save, it looks like all dashboards reload if someone is currently on one. And I’m seeing them do a reload, then a few seconds later, reload again. Is it possible to only have the dashboard that was modified be reloaded? This has caused me to have to re-enter form data a couple of times because a reload happened when I was in the middle of filling it out. So I’m assuming if our number of dashboards grow, we’re going to run into this more.

I’m running PSU in IIS, in case that matters.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I actually started a thread on this subject just a short while ago today:

Adam is looking into it as we speak. Out of curiosity, and to help him troubleshoot, are you actually on 1.4.6?

Looks like we’re on 1.5.8 actually. I have something to add about changing the AutoStart setting as well. I’ll post a reply under your thread.