2.4 beta to 2.4.1 update - page spins on loading

I had been working on our website using the 2.4.0 beta release and while i was out of office and busy with other work the 2.4.0 and subsequent 2.4.1 releases came out. I updated my server today, running on an IIS instance, and when I try to goto the page it just sits on the loading animation and does nothing. If i revert the files back to the 2.4 beta files the page is loading ok.

Are there any updates to components elsewhere to be completed before this will run? Currently on a 2012r2 server with the latest Net Core 2.2.4 hosting package installed.

I had this happen, did you overwrite your web.config when you updated? If so, you may no longer be forwarding the auth token. (took me entirely too long to figure out i did that)

I figured that one out pretty quick and fixed it, but the problem was still there.

Anything from Enable-UDLogging?

No log generated while it was running.

I had issues when moving to 2.4.1 as I was using the grid layout design, are you using this in 2.4.0? If so you need to replace LayoutJson with just Layout

I did have a gridlayout. However, even after I fixed it I still had the problem. Sounds like I need to start doing some narrowing down.

I’m in the same boat, perpetual loading since updating.
@adam, any ideas on troubleshooting?

Replacing my Dashboard with the below did nothing, I definitely think its something IIS

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title “Hello, World!” -Content {
New-UDHeading -Text “Hello, World!” -Size 1

Check in the developer tools in the browser (F12) to see if there are any JavaScript errors. Also, try to give your browser a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5). Check for 500 errors when requesting the JavaScript in the network tab of the browser tools. If there are, we are gonna need a log from UD.

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Seeing the same error as PorreKaj

Hmmmm. Just tried and it works on IIS running on Win10. Can you please enable some logging in UD to see if there are some errors being thrown internally? The endpoint that it’s complaining that is missing was in 2.4 as well so nothing was changed there.

Hi Guys,

Am using latest release on both 2012 R2 and 2019 server and have no issues at all. it works flawlessly

Try the following:

1- uninstall your dashboard module.
2- remove all the files from IIS hosting folder except your dashboard.ps1 and web.config
3-re install latest version 2.4.1
4- copy the files to your IIS hosting folder
5-test with a simple dashboard.ps1 first.
6-test with your dashboard.ps1.

FYI am using community edition and above steps works great in my environment.

Despite the fact that I was overwriting all files when i copied over the new module, wsl2001’s steps did the trick. I cleared out the module related files, copied the 2.4.1 files back over and it started right up.

Glad it works . the reason why you should not copy and overwrite is because every release has new sets of java scripts names so copy and overwrite will leave the old ones in place.

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Worked here too. ugh! thanks :slight_smile: