Zoom Out Dashboard View in Chrome

Hi All -

Is it possible to zoom out the dashboard - to make everything looks smaller than it is. I tried using css transform: scale but it kind of screw up the whole dashboard view. I am hoping to zoom it out 75%.

Attached is the current view at 100%.

Hello @cn9ne and welcome to the UD forums…I think what you are looking for is more padding…have you tried custom CSS like:-

  'main' = @{
      'padding-left'   = '15px'
      'padding-right'  = '80px'
      'padding-top'    = '80px'
      'padding-bottom' = '15px'

I wrote a blog on creating your own themes here:- https://psdevuk.github.io/ud-flix/Styling-your-dashboard/
I hope this gives you the look you are wanting?

Hi @psDevUK -

Thank you for your feedback.

I managed to zoom out the main using ‘zoom’ = ‘75%’.

However, how do I change the font-size of the header? I tried under '.ud-navbar - nothing changed.

cool glad you found the setting you needed…sorry you now referring to the text in the nav-bar and setting the size of that text? If so I so my title was nested in a SPAN tag and I couldn’t see anything other than the element tag on that to change the font-size

Found it.

‘span#udtitle’ = @{

'font-size' = '1.5rem'


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