Condensed View/Theme?

I was just wondering. Although, the native look of UD is great. I would like to condense the look a bit.

This is from gmail. It mainly allows more data to be displayed on the screen.


I am guessing this is a theme but themes appear to be limted to:
BackgroundColor, FontColor

I am still new to this community and UD. Sorry, if this is a dumb question.

Thanks in advance, Chris

PS. Dark Mode?

Hi @boats2000
There is no dumb questions!

Have you tried the “DefaultTight” theme? a version of the Default theme with intentions of being more Mobile friendly and less padding.

Sadly, as of now there is no “DarkDefaultTight” theme, you’d need to make your own childtheme of the dark theme and change the relevant padding / margins.
Look at the RAW css styling, you can do any CSS you’d like.

Shout if you need any assistance with the themes.

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