New-UDSelect - Resize Option

Just started using Powershell Universal Dashboards. I was wondering if there is an option to resize and shorten the New-UDSelect component. When testing, it is defaulting to full screen of the browser window. How can I make this drop down selection smaller containing the options that I want users to see?

Hi @bnatal thanks for posting the question, to give you the best answer can you just confirm what version of Universal Dashboard you are using?

Hi @psDevUK, I am currently running version 2.5.2. Appreciate your help and guidance.

Hi @bnatal personally I use the New-UDGridLayout more information here:-
I was a tad gutted not to see the page designer built into 2.5.2 but there is an online version here:-
Just remember that the -LayoutJson parameter needs changing to just -Layout but basically design a page with just CARDS, then from the code generated add your code in there…I got a copy on github here:-
This has a form in it that shows 3x3 inputs I hope this information steers you in the right direction :slight_smile: let me know if I can be of more assistance.
Also just whilst I think of it, have you seen this post:-
[2.5.2] New-UDInput differently formatted
depending how long you been using UD this is what the formatting used to look like.

Hi @psDevUK - I appreciate you sharing these other options and resource links. I’ll certainly look into these other UI components. Thanks again for sharing this information and pointing me in the right direction.