How to size the control created by New-UDChartJSMonitor - PSU v1.5.7, UD v3.2.4

Product: PowerShell Universal Version: 1.5.7 and Universal Dashboard v3.2.4


I’m new with PSU and UD. I’ve created a dashboard with a chart created by New-UDChartJSMonitor.
Unfortunately the chart fills the whole browser window. I want it to fill just a part of the window.

I’ve tried to embedd it in New-UDRow and New-UDColumn, but this doesn’t help.
Does somebody knows how to solve my problem?

Kindly regards
Jörg Schmidt

I havent worked with New-UDChartJSMonitor but I think you can put it in card and then use the Grid Layout component to resize it to your liking.

Thanks for your tip. Meanwhile i have solved my problem, i have used New-UDRow and New-UDColumn in a wrong way. And New-UDGrid also works.

Awesome! I do that all the time!