New-UDChartJS no longer shows diskspace details in PSU 4.0

@adam the following code still works in version 3.9.6 but when testing today in PSU 4.0 it shows the following

below is the code am using and the correct outcome

New-UDColumn -ExtraLargeSize 4 -Content {
$Data = Get-CimInstance -Class CIM_LogicalDisk | Select-Object @{Name=“Size”;Expression={$.size/1gb}}, @{Name=“FreeSpace”;Expression={$.freespace/1gb}}, @{Name=“Free (%)”;Expression={“{0,6:P0}” -f(($.freespace/1gb) / ($.size/1gb))}}, DeviceID, DriveType | Where-Object DriveType -EQ ‘3’

            $SizeDs = New-UDChartJSDataset -DataProperty Size -Label Size -BackgroundColor "#26a69a"
            $MemoryDs = New-UDChartJSDataset -DataProperty FreeSpace -Label 'Free Space' -BackgroundColor "#8014558C"

            $Options = @{
                Type = 'bar'
                Data = $Data
                Dataset = @($SizeDs, $MemoryDs)
                LabelProperty = "DeviceId"
            New-UDChartJS @Options


Any idea?

I just noticed this too on the docs page. I’ll open an issue for this and make sure we get it resolved in 4.0.1

Thank you adam