Windows Form MultiLine TabContol Displays Differently in PSScriptPad, PS ISE, PS V5.1

Hi all,
I’m not sure if this is a bug, standard behavior, or I’m missing a setting.

If you create a Windows Form and change the background to a darker color, then add a TabControl with several tabs and set it to be MultiLine, the TabControl will display differently in regular PowerShell then it will in the PS ISE Debug Mode or PSScriptPad Design Mode.

In ISE Debug and PSScriptPad Design Mode (not debug mode) the extra TabControl “header” that has no tabs is trimmed off or transparent revealing a very clean and desirable look. In regular PowerShell and PSScriptPad Debug Mode that does not happen and the TabControl looks blocky.

I want the TabControl to look like it was designed and how it appears in the ISE.

What is the ISE doing differently?

I have attached a photo showing the difference.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Tool: PSScriptPad, PowerShell ISE, PowerShell 
Version: PSScriptPad - v2023.8.0, PS ISE & PS - v5.1.19041.3031