Windows Form Designer Defaulting To Old Style GUI When Run Or Compiled

Tool: Visual Studio
Version: Community 2022

Having a weird issue with PoSh Tools Pro - Only seems to have happened over the last few days. Still on a trial license but don’t really want to fork out for a full license if the GUI elements don’t look the part.

In Form Designer I can edit the styles of any and every form element and style it however I want - for instance I can create a button and make it look 3D or a Tab Control and give it a white background with roll over buttons.

When I come to run the form however the elements are not as displayed in forms designer and instead revert to the old style grey everything very windows 2000 style of form control. I have tried completely new PoSh Tools Pro projects in VS, it is happening even in brand new projects that have only had the tab controls/buttons added. If I create other .net windows forms then they work fine and as expected with correct colours and “modern” styling.

See image for side-by-side of how it should look on the left (in forms designer) and how it actually looks on the right.

Finally, side note: is there a way to stop a PowerShell window to open when running a purely forms based PowerShell? Certain functions prompt for user input through the command line even though I’m using a form and I think having both the console window and a form open looks messy and unprofessional.

Any solutions to these problems? Otherwise this seems like an ideal tool to buy.