No Windows Form Designer available

Using MS Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.5.4 and PoshToolsPro for Visual Studio 5.4.5. When I create a new project and select the PowerShell Windows Forms the files are created.
When I open the designer file I need the script and the designer option. Unfortunately the designer is not available.

Is there an additional option I need to install. I have a valid PoshToolsPro license.

Thank you.


Hi Sander,

Can you send a screen shot of what you are attempting to do to open the designer? You should be able to just double click the form and it will open the designer.

Hi Adam,

Attached the screenshot. In the screenshot I opened the designer file and in the drop down I only have the script option.

If you double click the PS1 (not the designer file) it should open the form designer.

Yes now it’s working. Thanks for the quick support.