PowerShell Pro Tools - Failed to load designer error message when opening existing 'designer.ps1' file

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module
Version: 5.12.4

I purchased a license back in July 2019 for PowerShell Pro Tools VS Code extension (expired 7/2/2020) and I created a GUI Form using the Form Designer tool from the extension. Everything worked great, it was a huge help. But now I need to re-visit the ‘somefilename.designer.ps1’ Form again to make some changes.

I forget which version of the PowerShell Pro Tools VS Code extension I had installed at the time in July 2019 but I saw that license can be used on any version of the extension that was created while my license was active (great feature). I found out that version 5.12.4 was the second to last version of the extension within my License timeframe before July 2020. I have that all installed.

After I open up my ‘somefilename.designer.ps1’ in VS Code with version 5.12.4 of the extension and select the ‘PowerShell Pro Tools: Show Windows Form Designer’ command from VS Code command palette, I get the following error message in a pop-up window:

Failed to load designer. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Then after clicking OK to get past the issue, the PSSCRIPTPAD/Windows Form Designer window launches and there is a tab for my ‘somefilename.designer.ps1’ and there is a Form1 object that is black/new but does not have all the form objects that are in my ‘somefilename.designer.ps1’ which I can still see in the VS Code file tab for the file.

How can I load an existing ‘somefilename.designer.ps1’ file into PSSCRIPTPAD version 5.12.4 so that I can see the existing form objects I’ve created previously so that I can edit the file and add new form objects, etc.?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m not sure why this is happening but feel free to send the file to support@ironmansoftware.com. We can take a look at see what’s causing the exception and get you back up and running.

Was this resolved, I’m having the same issue…



Can you share the script with me at support@ironmansoftware.com? I’d like to reproduce it.