PsScriptPad - Debugging Variables

Looking for a simple forms designer I came across PsScriptPAD and read the features and it is ideal.
Small compact, Forms, packaging, script, console. all in a nice self contained app. NICE.
After purchasing i have found a few niggle, main one is debugging
I use debug breakpoints a lot. at breakpoint variables are not available in the console, or pullout. as they would be in ISE. I found [F11] is consistent which is good for stepping through.
The console results seem to lose the cursor place or not update as result lines are added.
The debug/variables part if important to me, I want this for the forms integration mostly, which PS_ISE doesn’t have.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve opened a few issues on our tracker to get these items cleaned up

Thanks Adam, appreciate it.

Thanks for the update. I have downloaded and can see variables list,

thanks again

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