What is the Difference

What is the Difference between Powershell Universal and Universal Dashboard? I’m confused on if I need Universal Dashboard if I’m using Powershell Universal. I can run Powershell universal but am unable to use Universal Dashboard out of Powershell as I get errors with the port parameter when trying to run start-uddashboard -port


in the beginning it was one product universal dashboard but then this product has been combined with 2 other products automation and api so the team released one pkg called powershell universal that includes all 3.
if you want to use powershell universal and u just need the dashboard portion of it you need to look at some examples how to setup and use the dashboard and then you need to modify your old code to work with the new version.

Ok so I should really just focus on setting up Powershell Universal? Do you have any links to help with how I get actual data to show up on dashboard? example I can make text appear on dashboard but I want to lets say run get-process and have that output to screen. At any rate I think as long as I focus on Powershell Universal I may figure it out.
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well for powershell universal you need to make a decision on what framework work you are going to use for dashboard.
the team has included 2 frameworks to make your migration from universal dashboard to powershell universal easier, the 2 frameworks are v2.9.9 and 3.0.
v2.9.9 has almost all universal dashboard cmdlets that you were using before so your original scripts will require very minimum changes to it to work with powershell universal the down side though there will be no more updates or support in the future for this framework.
if you chose to migrate to v3.0 then you need to rewrite your original scripts to work with this framework like for example v3.0 dont use grids anymore to display the data and in this case you need to switch to table to view and work with your data display. an example of this can be found in this link


Well I have the following

I have just recently discovered any of this. However I was trying to use them both as if they were the same . The only thing im struggling with now is how to actually get powershell script run on a specific machine and output to dashboard. For instance would all of my outputs be components? The table data for example. What if instead of a static display of data you want to get-processes from a specific computer and display that ?

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ok so first you let us make thinks clear what i do is usually i delete older framework version because new version usually has the most fixed code so for example in your case you can delete version 3.3.0.

2 - let say you need to use get-process for another computer/computers you will do it this way as an example

            $computers = "server1","server2","server3"
            $Data = @(foreach($server in $computers){
            get-process $server
            New-UDTable -Id 'table' -Data $Data -Sort -Export -ShowSearch -ShowPagination

in above example the table will be generated and populate the data automatically for you.

And do I put that in Dashboard code?

correct if you build one dashboard file with everything in it just like the old universal dashboard you do that.
in powershell universal you first login to admin page and create a new dashboard and make your choices about powershell version and framework you are going to use and that will generate a dashboard file in c:\programdata…
the dashboard file is your code you can code it the way you like just like the old universal dashboard.