What is PowerShell Universal Dashboard?

I made a short video about what Universal Dashboard is. I get a lot of questions and surprising responses to my answers when people find out what it can do. It might be good to convince a few managers to let you use it to build tools at work.


I’ve been experimenting with a Storage Dashboard at work. What would help sell this better is if the dashboard could run from a Linux container. Even if the app was a dog and it ran in a container, management would think it was great. Today it runs on a Windows server.

The example below is basically a UD implementation of the Venom module, I published on GitHub. A link to it can be found on https://cadayton.keybase.pub

This will likely get me going in the right direction to containerize a dashboard.

Let me know if you have questions. I’ve been successfully running UD in a Linux container based on the Microsoft PWSH container. It works well so far. I’ve also got it successfully hosted in Azure Container Services.

Ok. Thanks. I think that I need to turn the dashboard into a module first before I go down container road. I’ll hit you up with some questions when I get to that point.

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Which Linux distro(s) work the best for UD? Thinking of hosting something on https://www.linode.com.

I don’t have any real recommended versions but maybe others do. It looks like the Microsoft PowerShell container uses Ubuntu.