Creating a docker container image for UD

Here’s an example of how I create docker container images for UD. It uses the Microsoft base image for PowerShell and then copies in all the UD components I want plus my dashboard and starts it up.


You oughta add a base image to docker hub that just boots up a empty dashboard :slight_smile:

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Hi Adam, first of all great job Powershell dashboard and Powershell Tools. I’m using both products already for some time, but now I want to start a building a complete new framwork for my management based on Powershell Dashboard and Powershell Tools.

I’m setting up a Visual Studio code installation with remote container development. So thanks a lot for this article. Can you please let me, do I need to install the enterprise license on the docker where i’m programming to or on the remote developer client?

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Arjen QiQQ

You will need to install the UD license into the container the PoshProTools license on your VS Code machine in this configuration.

Thanks Adam. I did always use a remote rdp app, so I was having the posibity’s running on the speed of the server and needed connections. But because I want to make a fresh strat, I will strart using the remote development > container option.

Do I need to install PoshProTools in the remote Visual Studio client or the local client?

Honestly, I’m not sure :slight_smile: I don’t know how the extension hosting workings for remote development containers like that. I’ll have to play with it and get back to you.