Docker + VSCode Extension

Here’s my current setup.

OS: OSX v11.1
Docker: v20.10.0
VSCode: v1.52.1
Docker Image: ironmansoftware/universal:1.5.7-ubunutu-18.04
PowerShell Universal VSCode Extension: 1.7.3

I’ve configured and built my Docker image via Docker - PowerShell Universal.

I start the server with: docker run --name powershelluniversal --mount source=psudata,target=/data --rm -d -p 5000:5000/tcp universal-persistent:latest

The extension can never bind to the server. There’s no output from the extension. Once I access the extension in the left hand tool-pane, all six panels just show a pink bar moving from left to right in perpetuity. Any chance anyone else out there has gotten the VSCode IDE environment configured to use the extension properly?

I should have mentioned in my previous post that after launching the docker container, I am able to access the server via the UI and everything seems to be functional. It’s just the VSCode extension I’m struggling with.

Seems like it’s failing to connect for some reason. I would suggest trying to set the settings manually for the extension. In the user setting dialog, look for the PowerShell Universal settings. You’ll need to set the URL and AppToken settings and then restart VS Code. The App Token can be generated within the admin console under Settings \ Security \ AppTokens.

Manually generating the token and replacing it in the extension settings did the trick. Thank you!

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