Variables not working in Universal Dashboard

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

Suddenly (as in today at some point?) variables seem to have stopped working in Dashboards.

Things I’ve tried:

Recreating the variable
Changing dashboard environment (all environments have “*” as the variables).
Giving each environment explicit permission to each variable.
Restarting PSU Service.

Have now updated to 2.5.5. Still having the issues. Logs also seem sparse and not populating…


Turning on debugging seems to pick some stuff up though…

2021-11-29 14:36:45.046 -05:00 [DBG] Hosting starting2021-11-29 14:36:45.199 - -

That’s strange. It doesn’t seem to be reading the variables.ps1 file. The last file it reads are the settings

1. 2021-11-29 14:36:52.870 -05:00 [DBG] Reading configuration file settings.ps1

It should be listing all the files it is reading. The other thing that could be happening is that it’s stuck on the settings.ps1 file for some reason. Have anything special in there?

Settings.ps1 is blank inside of universal and there isn’t a ps1 file for it in C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository.universal

Does it need to exist? I don’t remember deleting it at any point.

It doesn’t need to exist if you haven’t set any settings. Does the variables.ps1 exist as expected?

Yes, it does. Here’s a screenshot if that would be easier…


It looks like in the dashboard you are using $JSMAppSnipeItAPI while the variable is defined as $JSMAppSniteITAPI. Can you try to recreate the secret so that the variable names match?

Hi Adam, I can try that, but I have others that I know the name’s are correct (disregard the inefficient use of variables, it’s on my list of things to clean up)

Ok. Does this only happen with secrets? It looks like you are only using secret variables. I would try regular variables just as a test to see if the issue lies in all variables or just secret variables. Secret variables are a bit more involved since we need to look them up in the vault.

What is a little interesting is PSU is successfully checking that the variables exist otherwise you would see a notification in this via that the secret was missing.