Request - 3 more pre-defined variables in Dashboards

We are working on adding logging to our PowerShell Universal instance and believe that it would be quite helpful to have three additional pre-defined variables available in dashboards:

  1. $DashboardName - ex ‘MyTestDashboard’
  2. $DashboardFilePath - ex ‘MyTestDashboard.ps1’
  3. $DashboardBaseUrl - ex ‘/myTestDashboard’

If this could be added that would be very helpful!


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.3
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Sure thing! I can get those added


Do you have a timeline / version number these variables will be added?

Also, $Identity would be nice to have available in Dashboards too. Currently it only exists in the API scope.


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These will be available in 2.3.0 which will be released September 14th. We’ve moved to a monthly release for all products on the second Tuesday of the month.

I’ll check on the $Identity variable. I thought that had been added to dashboards but maybe we have a bug there.

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I can’t seem to get the variables $Identity or $UserName working with my PSU Dashboard instance. Currently running a nightly build from 10/12 (2.5.0).

What variables do I have access to in Dashboards? Is it different than the list on Docs?

Also, I’m running my Authorization through OIDC with an Azure App.

You can use this to look up all variables in your dashboard:

    $Data = Get-Variable | Select Name, Value
    New-UDTable -Data $Data

Also, the docs had the wrong variable (fixed). It should be $User not $UserName. I don’t see $Identity referenced but I’m assuming you’re looking for $ClaimsPrincipal.

I got $user to work - thanks for the sample code to get variables in a dashboard session. I’m definitely going to save that for later

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