Utter Newbie wants to know if PSU is right for me

Ill start off by saying I’m not a coder, but willing to listen and learn.

I’ve been tasked to create a web dashboard that queries a Dell Open Manage Appliance for my Test Lab for basic up/down status of servers, and first question is whether PowerShell Universal is heading in the right direction. I have version 4.1.7 installed (which concerns me as it says ver 1.4.6 below)

Anyway, Ive managed to create a curl scripts and a Powershell scripts that queries the OME API via a token, and returns lists of servers.

When i connect to PSU (http://localhost:5000/admin/apis/endpoints/) it seems to default to localhost:5000 for my API and there seems no way to alter that to query my Open Manage server. Do I need a full licence, or am i expecting the product to do something its not intended for.

Can someone provide some guidance

Please be gentle, I’m not a programmer and very lost at the moment.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Welcome to the community! :partying_face: :tada:

Version in your forum post

This is auto-generated by the forum when you make a post. No need for concern, just update it with your PSU version number

API Endpoints in PUD

These are the APIs that you have created and “published” using PSU, not the APIs that you consume.

Port 5000

This is the port that you or users use to connect to your dashboards or your API endpoints (that you’ve created and are hosting). This can be changed in your app settings. See here: Hosting - PowerShell Universal


I think PSU is perfect for your use case :slight_smile: . Create a dashboard and a page that consumes your powershell module (the one that queries the OME API) and displays it with some dashboard components. This help section may be relevant to you:
About - PowerShell Universal

Thank you so much, Sean, for taking the time to reply…and I’m glad this is an appropriate tool!.

I am however pulling my hair out and going around in circles, as none of the samples work, or cmdlets or much else and I cannot figure it out why. Im running Universal 4.1.7 and launch PSU via, Install-PSUServer.

  • When I add an endpoint per the basic examples like “hello-world” and run the script or any basic script in the right hand pane, i get “

  • When I try to execute any cmdlet (at least of the ones ive tried) in PowerShell, they fail. (eg Start-PSUServer, New_PSUDashboard.

  • I installed Visual Studio code and the PowerShell Universal extension, with the hope this might help. The Endpoints come across, but the Samples don’t

Could you provide very simple guidance to get me going
Im so sorry

I would recommend starting out by not using PSUniversal (we’ll round back to it shortly). Install VS Code, start learning some PowerShell first. Try to figure out how to get the data that you want to get. Playing and testing on your own local VS Code deployment will be a much better learning environment than throwing PSUniversal in the mix without any experience.

Once you’ve figured out some of the basics with PowerShell, and how to retrieve the data that you wish to display, then come back to PSUniversal and give that a shot.

A highly recommended book for learning Powershell is the Learn Powershell in 30 days of lunches, the newer version covers powershell 7, which is the current cross platform version of powershell. Powershell 5.1 is referred to as “Windows PowerShell” and is pre-installed on any modern version of Windows. PowerShell 7 is not, and you have to install it on the machine. PowerShell 7 is pretty mostly backwards compatible with 5.1, while there are differences.