User Interface > Apps > Pages - won't let me delete pages

Hi all,

I’m running psu in docker version 4.2.12 - licensed

When i spin up a new app “User Interface > Apps > Create App” and use “Template: Multiple Pages”

But the psu web interface won’t let me delete the default pages “home”, “user” and “groups” The web interface accepts the delete icon click, shows popup “Are you sure” and after confirming shows a spinner icon instead of the “delete icon” but the page is not actually deleted.

I can create new pages using the web interface, and i can delete those new pages i created myself.

Also, when i use the webinterface and create app “test123” with template “Multiple Pages” and delete the app again, and recreate using the same name/etc form fields i end up with a new app but pages “home”, “users” “groups” are duplicated.

Anyone seen this before?, could it be a bug in the webinterface interface?