Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.2

My question is about this: AlonGvili/UniversalDashboard.Antd: Ant-Design library as custom components for universaldashboard (github.com)

I know this isn’t strictly developed by @adam, but I found UniversalDashboard.Antd by @AlonGvili that is based on ant-design, I was wondering if it is possible to use that as a component instead of framework in Powershell Universal? Right now it fails to render all together as a framework, giving this error:

I tried to just copy it as a component in the component folder, but that fails also…

I was wondering if project is abandoned or are there any future plans to maybe bring this into Universal? Ant-design appbar/sidebars are much more better looking than material-ui and I was hoping to use them in my projects.

Thank you!

I need to make some updates for this go work in psu 1.5, it no abandoned, just haven’t had time, to make fixes, i will try to find time to make it work in psu 1.5

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Appreciate it! Ant-design seems to have very cool UI components, appreciate your work in porting them to Universal.

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Psu is build using ant design

I have noticed that, that the /admin is using ant-design. I am hoping to replicate a similar UI for a ticketing system I am developing for our org.

I try my best to find a time next week to fix my lib to work in psu 1.5

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hi @AlonGvili dont suppose you have had any time to look into this? the Ant-design is so much better than the default.

sorry dude, didn’t find the time to make all the updates to this

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