Ant design dashboard integration

I really wish I hadn’t found this… (mainly becasue I know there’s integration involved above my ability), but i really like the ant design status-dot and I want to implement it in my dashboard. I understand that I must download and install the module and somehow add it to the framework, but I was wondering If there was a step by step process on accomplising this? Is it done in VScode? or, directly in the dashboard UI? There probably isn’t a step by step guide but I thought i’d ask. Currently, i have the latest version of PSUD 4.0.2. Thanks

I dont know anything specifically about ant design, but as far as documentation goes, there’s some here:

You’ll need to have some understanding of JS to turn the components you want into a PS module that can be used within PSU.

Personally I’ve not delved into custom components yet although I’d love to and will definitely be doing this in future as I’ve just started a personal project and have lots of ideas for it!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it may even be simpler than that:


The problem is I don’t see the area where to update the framework. I could install the module as it suggests but as i understand it, if you want to use PSU:

“If you are using Powershell Universal and you wanna using Antd components in your dashboard , you nedd to add Antd as framework inside Powershell Universal”

But I don’t know where to add the framework in PSU.

Hello fella I had a bash at doing this recently and it wanted to update all the npms files and I didn’t get much further. I might have another go this evening on a component I already built. I do see in the software it now says the marketplace is being depreciated ? So I do not know what the future holds for custom components. Might be worth getting the big man @adam to confirm what the future plan is regarding custom components
So tonight it bothered me…so I downloaded an older version of NodeJS 15.x.x.x version, went through the process and boom

I got the new query builder component built and working in under an hour whoop whoop :slight_smile:

Right on! That is fantastic. At the moment I’m still not ready to do the custom stuff though. I’m trying to complete my current project using whats on hand but after this demo I have, i’ll be reaching out to try this custom stuff real soon. Thanks for responding both of you. I’m getting sucked into this PSU world and so far loving it.