If you want to play with new ud component check this out

this is still in development so there are bugssss…
but feedback will be appreciated

BTW there is NO help for the commands yet so you will need to play with them :slight_smile:

if you want to test the new controls with out side effects of the materialzeCss css file do this

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title … -Content { … }
$Dashboard.FrameworkAssetId = [UniversalDashboard.Services.AssetService]::Instance.Frameworks[“Antd”]
Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $Dashboard -Port 10000 -Force

This will load only the Antd stuff and no materializeCss stuff.


Dude. AMAZING work on this! I will be playing with these today. If anyone is curious, there are 35 new controls here: https://github.com/AlonGvili/UniversalDashboard.Antd/tree/master/src/Scripts



So how does one go about play with these controls in UD?

clone the repo, build the module, import the module, have fun :slight_smile:

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okay. understand now. Thanks.

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Great Stuff! Started playing with the cmdlets trying to get some of the components working.

I noticed your sample web app is offline (http://udantd.site/) error 403 stopped.

My first Antd component is the UDAntdInput which is amazing! I would like to use it as a search (as I haven’t figured out the Autocomplete cmdlet) but as you type there is an onchange event that I’m thinking to use to index my dashboard then retrieve the metadata in a search box below.

Only “bug” I can see this early on is the CSS - whenever I click a page or modal that has an Antd component my CSS changes :frowning: such as hover - whenever I hover over an image or text the a:hover goes blue instead of nothing

Before Antd Load

After Antd component load

I tried $Dashboard.FrameworkAssetId = [UniversalDashboard.Services.AssetService]::Instance.Frameworks[“Antd”] as per above but no visible changes.

Anyway to leave the site CSS alone and only use the Antd component?

i will show you an css example when i get back home