New component added to UDAntd library

Check out the Slider component in
tell me what you think


Wow man so many different styles! Love it :heart_eyes:

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Looks amazing bro!
Keep me coming!

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Added new component UDAntdNotification with preset icons or custom one and more…

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Added new sider ( SideBar) component no live example it but its in the package


Really, really nice man! Looks really beautiful

Added message component UDAntdMessage check the site for live preview

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Honestly man all this looks lush! You done an amazing job!

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thanks bro…

oh this is nice, I had a day dream about a Workflow progress bar for Universal Automation, that looks exactly like the slider with steps. looking forward to messing with that!

@AlonGvili I’m having trouble getting your site to load… did you break it? :smiley:

Nope it working for me :slight_smile:

what error are you getting ?

It is slow to load but once loaded works fine. I’m using firefox

yea it very slow i dont know why im thinking it the functions the used UDMarkdown
but i need to dig into it .

Is what i am getting.

yea i sorry about that just delete the wrong folders :slight_smile:

site fixed :slight_smile:

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Strange, maybe just me but I can’t get anything to load on the following: button group, avatar, badge, carosel, description list, popover, statistic, dropdown, menu, radio, radio group, switch, input, text area, password box.

I tried chrome and firefox, at work and at home

its not you its me, i dont put examples in all the categories. im still working on examples and fixing bugs on the way