Unit Testing for UD Components for new PSU Releases

Please consider developing some sort of unit testing for UD Components so they can be tested before releasing new versions of PSU.

The constant regressions/bugs in UD dashboard components have become so disruptive we’ve halted further development on our PSU dashboards until the feature has stabilized.

3.8.x has been rough.

First releasing an alpha and beta would also help I think.

Glad you brought this up. We’re sitting on 3.6.4 still since both 3.7 and 3.8 have my head spinning with the constant releases/constant issues.

I apologize for the disruptive releases. We have a large integration test suite for the product, but our dashboard\admin console UI tests are very lacking.

Moving forward, we’ll be ensuring a test is put in place for each new feature\fix to dashboards to help avoid issues like these.

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How’s this going?

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