We need your feedback

In parallel with fixing bugs in the current version of PSU, we also working on redesign the product UI.
we created a demo app with mock data, that we are using for testing UI ideas.

you can see the demo app at this URL: https://alongvili.netlify.app/

we need your feedback on the dashboards and dashboard page’s and because it’s a demo app, not all the options are working, for example, the start/stop dashboard not working.

but we mocked most of the data that you will see if it was a real PSU installation on a server.

our main focus is on the new layout option ( grid ) for the dashboards page and on the overall look and feel of the dashboard page.

your feedback will help us know if we are in the right direction.


I like the general appearance as it parallels VSCode pretty well

I think it is looking pretty good. I do like the new layout option as it makes it easy to see many dashboards at once.