UDTableColumn without a title


I am trying to have an UDTableColumn without a title, but when I remove the optional -Title parameter the mandatory -Property comes in place.

 New-UDTableColumn -Property Delete -Title Action -Render { 
                $Item = ConvertFrom-Json $Body
                #delete button logic

PS: as you can see in this example the parameter -Property doesnt make sense to be defined as it is a rendered property (calculated with some other object properties like ID …).
I think it would make sense to have 2 ParameterSets for this command:

  1. normal columns
  • (mendatory) Property
  • (Optional) Title
  1. rendered columns
  • (Optional) Title
  • (mendatory) Render

removing the title can also make sense for table like Key-Value like this:

 New-UDTable -Data (Get-SomeData-ID $ID).PSObject.Properties -Columns @(
                New-UDTableColumn -Property Name -Title Name 
                New-UDTableColumn -Property Value -Title Value

Makes sense to me. I think we can add that parameter set. Can you file an issue?

Will do that :slight_smile:

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