Columns and New-UDTable | Error says its missing required parameter despite documentation

Per the above documentation

|Columns|Hashtable[]|Defines the columns to show within the table. Use New-UDTableColumn to define these columns. If this parameter isn’t specified, the properties of the data that you pass in will become the columns.|false

It seems I should be able to make a New-UDTable without specifying the columns.
The code example below works if I specify columns, however this is undesirable as any changes would mean i’d be updating the function that outputs the data as well as the code that displays the table.

If I dont specify the columns i get:
[2020-09-16T17:24:32.5457445Z] PS: Cannot process command because of one or more missing mandatory parameters: Columns.

New-UDDashboard -Title "TableTest" -Content {

    New-UDTable -Title 'Shows' -LoadData {


        $TableData = ConvertFrom-Json $Body

        $Data = Get-AzureADB2Users 

        $Data   | Out-UDTableData -Page $ -TotalCount $Data.Count -Properties $



I create a workaround and was able to continue.

I believe the -columns is required when combined with -loaddata. I think this is because this is also where you specify filters/sorters.