Trouble with New-UDTable Parameters

I am new to UD and having problems using some of the parameters for New-UDTable.
This works fine: New-UDTable -Title “Search Results:” -Columns $Columns -Sort -Export -Data $Session:Data

But if I add any of these options in any combination, even just one option and removing other working options, it completely breaks:
-PageSize 20
-Padding “Dense”

Maybe there is a version issue? I believe that I have the most recent version (Non-Beta) My Framework shows as 3.0.2 if that helps.

Thank you!

I switched to 3.1.3 Framework and now the parameters work, but my custom column rendering stopped working. When I switch back to 3.0.2 column rendering works resume, but the parameters stop.

Can you please post a more complete example with your New-UDTableColumn calls?

Here is my exact code:

New-UDDynamic -Id 'Search_Results' -Content { 


        $Columns = @(


            New-UDTableColumn -Property Name -Title Name -Render { 

                $Item = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json 

                New-UDButton -Id "btn$($Item.Name)" -Text "$($Item.Name)" -OnClick {


                    Switch ($Item.Type) {


                        User        {Invoke-UDRedirect /User/:$($Item.Name)}

                        O365        {Invoke-UDRedirect /User/:$($Item.Name)}

                        Computer    {Invoke-UDRedirect /Computer/:$($Item.Name)}

                        Printer     {Invoke-UDRedirect /Printer/:$($Item.Name)}

                        OU          {Invoke-UDRedirect /OU/:$($Item.Name)}

                        Group       {Invoke-UDRedirect /Group/:$($Item.Name)}




            New-UDTableColumn -Property Domain -Title Domain

            New-UDTableColumn -Property DisplayName -Title DisplayName

            New-UDTableColumn -Property SamAccountName -Title SamAccountName 

            New-UDTableColumn -Property Type -Title Type 

            New-UDTableColumn -Property MAC -Title MAC 

            New-UDTableColumn -Property Description -Title Description

            New-UDTableColumn -Property CanonicalName -Title CanonicalName


        New-UDTable -Title "Search Results:" -Columns $Columns -Sort -Export -Data $Session:Data -PageSize 10 -PageSizeOptions @(5, 10, 20, 50) -Filter -Padding "Dense"


We had an unintentional breaking changed in the render event handler.

try changing this:

 $Item = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json 

to this

$Item = $EventData

This change was made because of poor performance when using Render for tables with lots of rows or when using it more than one in a table.

Unfortunately, That did not change anything. The column has the correct data, and before any data is populated, the column shows as a small button with no text like it always has. The table works, just without the column data being buttons.

Upgrading to 3.1.6 fixed this entire issue.

Thank you!