Trouble with new-udtablecolumn -render

so I have a pretty plain table to show, but I want some of the column to be dynamic.
So I have added a -render to it:
this is also going fine the first 2 times, but then:
it will not serve anymore. (btw why it is auto refreshing? I cant find any control of the refresh)

the data for the new-udtable are retrieved from a API endpoint.
the dashboard log throw this:
PS: One or more errors occurred. (Cannot overwrite variable null because it is read-only or constant.) (Cannot overwrite variable null because it is read-only or constant.)

im not sure if that is relevent, but why dont it throw some more info about that? like which file throw it and at what line? :slight_smile:

it seems like it somehow cache the “first good call” but any updates is failing.
I can load up another browser window, and get the first call correctly, but then back to the 404.

Running under Powershell Universal 1.3.2 (pwsh 7.0.3) (UD 3.0.3)

okey, so it “breaks” if I move the mouse outside of the table. (or into the table…)
also it seems to trigger an update every time the mouse enter or exit the table ?
Nightly version did not help. nor updating to UD 3.1.0
well, other than new “log”:
sweet log :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share your table code?

Sure :slight_smile:
I dumbed it down alot:
So this break for me:

New-UDPage -Id “PageInstances” -Name ‘Instances’ -Title ‘Instances’ -Content {
Write-Debug ‘Instances Starting’
New-UDCard -Id “CardInstances” -Title ‘Instances’ -Content {
$Columns = @(
New-UDTableColumn -id “TableColumnName” -Property Name -Title Name -Render {
New-UDButton -Text “Test”
New-UDTableColumn -Id ‘TableColumnRunning’ -Property Running -Title Running
New-UDTable -Id “TableInstances” -Title Instances -Data @{Name = “Test” } -Columns $Columns
Write-Debug “Instances END”


I tested with the new nightly, and a total new dashboard,
it have the same issue.
complete dashboard file

It has something to do with putting it in the card. If you don’t put the table in the card, it doesn’t do that. I’ll file a bug and see if I can get this fixed.

Right your are :slight_smile:
removing the card resolved the issue.