New-UDTable Column render

I have a New-UDTable that presents some data. The first column is changed to a “view detail” link with New-UDTableColumn -Render function.

$MyColumns = @(
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property CustomerID -Title "CustomerID" -Render {
                            $Item = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json 
                            New-UDLink -Url "/Customer/Details/$($Item.CustomerID)" -Text $Item.CustomerID
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property CustomerName -Title "Customer"
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property VMs -Title "VMs"
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property NumCPU -Title "CPUs"
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property MemoryGB -Title "Memory GB"
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property StorageGB -Title "Storage GB"

New-UDTable -Columns $MyColumns -Data $Data -Sort -PageSize 10 -PageSizeOptions @(10, 25) -Search

When i initially load the page everything looks just fine.

But if i move my mouse over the table it renders the whole thing again and looks like this

Any idea what i do wrong? I am on Powershell Universal 1.4.3

Do you have your table in a card? There is a bug that we’re looking at that causes the table to lose it’s mind when it’s inside a card.

It seems to work fine outside of a card.

Yes, it was in a card. I removed the card and now it works :slight_smile:

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