Hide New-UDTableColumn?

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I need to pass a property to an New-UDTableColumn to make a button in the -render but I want to hide that New-UDTableColumn from the users. Is that possible?
This is my code;

                    $Columns = @(
                        New-UDTableColumn -Title 'Namn' -Property 'Description' -IncludeInExport -IncludeInSearch -DefaultSortColumn
                        New-UDTableColumn -Title 'Behörighet?' -Property 'Access' -IncludeInExport -render {
                            New-CheckUsrGrpBox -CheckUserName $CheckUserName -ADGroup $EventData.name -OUUsr $OUUsr -OUGrp $OUGrp
                        New-UDTableColumn -Title '.' -Property 'Change' -render {
                            New-SmBtnADDRemoveUsrGrp -SyncUD "CheckUserGroup" -ADGroup $EventData.name -UserToADDRemove $CheckUserName -OUGrp $OUGrp -OUUsr $OUUsr -User $User -LocalIpAddress $LocalIpAddress -RemoteIpAddress $RemoteIpAddress
                        New-UDTableColumn -Title 'Gruppnamn' -Property 'Name'
                    $CheckGrpsData = Get-ADGroup -filter "samaccountname -like '$GrpToList'" -property * | ForEach-Object {
                        if ($null -ne $_) {
                                Name        = $_.name
                                Description = $_.Description

                    if ($null -eq $CheckGrpsData) {
                        New-UDAlert -Severity 'error' -Text "Kunde inte utläsa någon data, Var vänlig försök igen senare!"
                    else {
                        $SearchOption = New-UDTableTextOption -Search "Sök"
                        New-UDTable -Columns $Columns -Data $CheckGrpsData -DefaultSortDirection "Ascending" -Sort -TextOption $SearchOption -ShowSearch -ShowPagination -Dense -Export -ExportOption "xlsx, PDF" -PageSize 50

And it’s this line that I want to hide for the user in PSU:

New-UDTableColumn -Title 'Gruppnamn' -Property 'Name'

I’m out of idé how to hide it.

@Adam any idés how to hide it?

I’m assuming you may have already figured this out, but this is how I do it.

if ($Roles -notcontains "Administrator") {
    $Column = $TableColumns | Where-Object title -eq 'Action'
    $Column.hidden = $true

I do similar actions for adding or hiding other elements on the page.