UD Data Grid: Hide column initially

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.12

Based on the documentation, the New-UDDataGridColumn command has a parameter -Hide to define a column but hide it initially. In the past, we used to define the data grid column with a Hashtable and tried to replace it with New-UDDataGridColumn. But in v4.2.12 the -Hide parameter does not exist.

How can we hide a column in the data grid?

I havent started using this component yet but I’m looking to do so… I’d also be interested to know, I looked through the cmdlet get-help -full and couldnt see an option either.

I’ve used it in v4.2.11 and the -Hide parameter works. I’m not planning to upgrade until v4.2.13 comes out so I cannot confirm with v4.2.12.

Forgot to mention I’m running a nightly so currently on 4.2.13 and there’s only -Hidable and -HideSortIcons, if you try to use -Hide it just complains about being ambiguous. Interestingly there’s no mention of any changes to New-UDDataGrid/Column in the changelog since 4.2.8