Problem with dynamically hiding column in udtable

I’ve got the following code in the columns list of a UDTable which is in a UDDynamic. The $scope variable is set from a session variable. The table loads with the team property showing. If I change the scope, I get the toast saying that the column will be hidden, but the column still shows up. Same thing if I uncomment the New-UDTableColumn command.

Any ideas?

        if ($scope -in 'None', 'All', 'Rich') {
            show-udtoast -Message "Team should be showing"
            New-UDTableColumn -Property Team -FilterType Select -Filter -IncludeInExport
        else {
            show-udtoast -Message "Team should be hidden"
            #New-UDTableColumn -Property Team  -Hidden

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

As a note…if I reverse the condition (to be -notin) the Team column doesn’t show up for either branch.

Here’s an example showing columns being dynamically removed (and the whole table, for that matter):

New-UDDashboard -Title 'PowerShell Universal' -Content {
    New-UDStack -Direction Column -Children {
        New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Hide column' -Id HideCheck -OnChange { Sync-UDElement DynTable }
        New-UDCheckBox -Label 'Hide Table' -Id HideTable -OnChange { Sync-UDElement DynTable }
        New-UDDynamic -Id DynTable -Content {
            $hidecolumn = (Get-UDElement -Id HideCheck).checked
            if ((Get-UDElement -Id HideTable).checked) {
                New-UDTypography -Text 'nothing to see here'
            } else {
                New-UDTable -Columns @(
                    New-UDTableColumn -Property a
                    New-UDTableColumn -Property b
                    if (-not $hidecolumn) {
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property c
                ) -Data @{a = 1; b = 2; c = 3 }