UDStudio too many Endpoints per session

Good evening all,

Just started working with UDstudio and wow is it useful!

I’ve come across an odd output. Maybe someone with more UDstudio experience has seen this?

Under UDstudio -> Debugging -> Dashboards -> Dashboard0 10000 -> Sessions -> “Random GUID maybe?” -> Endpoints -> “Here is where unlimited endpoints are created”

As my Dashboard runs and scheduled endpoints execute, more and more endpoints are created on this leaf. Eventually my CPU hangs at 100%, possibly caused by this.

Any thoughts or guides welcome!


I don’t know if there is an open issue on this in GH, but adam know about this bug, we talked about this.

If you install the latest nightly release, this should be resolved.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I’ve upgraded from 10/27/19 Release to 11/14/19 Release but issue continues.

I may not be installing the nightly releases correctly. I have been adding the zip files to this location:

Any thoughts would be appreciated.