ComponentController Endpoint not found

Hey all,

This isn’t so much of a dire issue, but more of an exploratory request. As long as I’ve been running UD I have been writing the logs out to a text file and these logs are seeing a lot of the following:

09:23:42 [Warn] ComponentController Endpoint ec9163ce-bb3c-452e-b120-140b6b3d78ca not found.
09:23:46 [Warn] ComponentController Endpoint 295c9878-bfcd-45f8-adb8-020365c49cf5 not found.

Is there a way for me to discern which endpoints these relate to while UD is running through IIS? Currently I have 6 endpoints and everything seems to be working fine.


I end up with a bunch of these too, I’m curious as to what this means.

You can better determine which components these are referring to by providing an ID to your components that use endpoints. Typically, this happens when the session expires or the dashboard is stop\started while you have a page open and a browser is still open and trying to use the endpoint that has been cleaned up. The problem is that when you don’t specify an ID an auto-generated GUID is used which is no longer valid once the dashboard restarts.

Ah, interesting. Just to make sure I am going about this right, would this be simply adding “-Id Whatever” to the New-UDEndpoint? I wouldn’t need to provide anything further on say dashboard.ps1 when pulling in all the endpoints?

Thanks Adam!

Nope. You should be able to just add ID to New-UDEndpoint or to the control that has an Endpoint Parameter. For example, if you have a a New-UDGrid and are using an Endpoint scriptblock, then just add an ID to New-UDGrid.

Nifty. Updated all of my stuff to have some sort of ID. I’ll verify tomorrow once people are out of it to see if that reduces my logs.

Thanks again, Adam. Should have assumed it was something like that.

@adam Thanks again for the tip. Took my daily logs from about 4 MB to less than 10 KB with this. Not much goes wrong with the dashboard these days, but this will make it so much easier to troubleshoot.

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